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Let us tell you about Us

Golden Lake – formerly known as Harilal Mangalji & Sons – has a heritage of tradition and outstanding service, a legacy carried on for generations, aiming at offering the world the finest jewelry and timepieces. Since inception in 1966, we’ve combined the expertise of an international jeweler with the taste of a regional family business. Our clients can always rely on our earned reputation of excellence, as we use time-tested techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to enable our master craftsmen to create pieces of exceptional quality and tasteful design.

Our professionals form relationships with our guests that enable them to effectively understand customers’ requirements and fulfill them. We have gained prominence by developing and manufacturing an extensive collection of fine jewelry which reflects our values (originality, innovation, and an ideal balance between technical sophistication & international fashion trends).

Our mission & vision

To be one of the most recognized jewelry brands, and to value our customers and stakeholders with offering excellent jewelry and services that emphasize on trust, quality and modernity.

Our Values

Through creativity & innovation we create designs that are timeless, beautiful, and define who you are.

We offer diversity in design & raw materials, we specialize in gemstones, gold, gold bars, coins, and custom made designs.

Exceptional value & craftsmanship.
Our efficient business model allows us to provide significant savings to our customers. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted to precise specification by skilled craftsmen. The artistic workmanship employed to create these magnificent pieces is the source of our pride.

We always valued quality and put it at the forefront of our priorities when we create any of our jewelry.

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